Brentwood Global Investment Partners LP is a private alternative investment fund. We employ a global macro-economic investment approach by combining fundamental research with technical analysis and are active participants in numerous international capital markets.

BGIP endeavors to deliver attractive risk-adjusted absolute returns for our investors by employing a simple but deeply-rooted investment strategy:



Rigorous Fundamental Research

As global macro strategists, we strive to understand the impact of ever-changing economic data and political trends on international capital markets through an ardent dedication to fundamental research.


Precise Trade Execution

We place great emphasis on our execution strategy, using technical analysis to pinpoint the optimal entry and exit point for each trade to maximize our risk/reward opportunity.


Meticulous Risk Management

Above all else, at BGIP we employ meticulous risk management.  Protecting our investors' capital is our primary concern and we continually analyze and monitor risk at both the position and portfolio level.